Great Art Class for Summer

Decoy Art Studio is offering some great art classes that anyone can take, and we have the scoop about these classes!

safety tips

Safety Tips for the Pool

During the summer kids want to jump into the pool for a swim, but before they do we have the Combined Health District here to talk about som…

birthday parties

New Ideas for Birthday Parties

Sometimes it’s hard to think of an original idea for a birthday party, well we have the Dayton Parent Magazine here to run though a few idea…

make up monday

Makeup Monday: Contouring

It’s Makeup Monday, and this week’s segment is about the trend that gives your face more definition, otherwise known as contouring!

jamie jarosik

Weather Safety

Vanessa chats with 2 NEWS Meteorologist Jamie Jarosik about staying safe in severe weather.


“Working the Engels”

Shaun chats with Andrea Martin from NBC’s newest comedy, “Working the Engels.”


Nautical Look

Cincinnati Premium Outlets stops by to show us how to achieve the patriotic look for the holiday.