Recline and Rest

Recline and Rest

Kelly Sullivan displays some furniture that will make your life much more convenient. SPONSORED BY RECLINE AND REST  

Spicy Olive

The Spicy Olive

Melanie is showcasing her fantastic recipe for mandarin chicken pasta salad. SPONSORED BY THE SPICY OLIVE    

Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day

Tom and Laurie from Aullwood join us for Earth Day with some things you can do to protect the Earth and wildlife.    

Making Cocktails

Cocktail Drinks

Brian Petro is in the kitchen making some delicious cocktails.

Patio Drinks

Patio Drinks

Lisa Grigsby has information on some of the best places to get drinks with friends.  

Hot Topics

Hot Topics with Ralph Harris

Comedian Ralph Harris is on the set of Living Dayton to go through this week’s Hot Topics.    

garden station

AIDS Walk Ohio

The AIDS Walk Ohio is happening this weekend and Katie gets a preview from the organizers.


Prom Safety with AAA

Mike from AAA discusses prom night safety tips for teen drivers and parents.

Warren County

Best of Warren County

The winners in the Best of Warren County contest are announced live!

swim school

Water safety tips

Katie learns water safety tips from the Goldfish Swim Club.

meatball sub

Rockin Bman Meatball Sub

Robert “Pizza Benny” Benson and John “Bman” join Sally in the Living Dayton kitchen to talk about one of Centerville Pizza and BBQ’s signatu…

The Playbook of LIfe

Playbook of Life

Joan Jackson is here to talk about how her new book can help you turn many of life’s tragedies into triumphs.