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Dorothy Lane Market.

  Dorothy Lane Market is cooking up something delicious for Hatch Chile Season. Manny Cuellar and Dennis Chrisman are in the Living Dayton k…

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Start Smart.

  Matt Pasquinilli from the Asian Art Center lets Katie and Sallie in on some exercises for helping children keep focused and get back into …

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Pet Of The Week

  Megan Moon stops by the studio to fill us in on this weeks cute Pet Of The Week.


Book of Mormon

  Diane Schoeffler Warren is here with everything you need to know to get a ticket to “The Book of Mormon” when it comes to Dayton this fall…

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National Sandwich Month

  Since August is National Sandwich Month, Amy from Klosterman’s bakery joins us with some fun sandwich recipes and details on a fun contest…

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Back to School Backpacks

  Dave Casper is here with a look at some of the great book bags you can find at the Dayton Mall.

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3rd on Third

  Dot, Amy, and Travis join Sallie to talk about all the great products you can find at 3rd on Third Market.

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Edison Community College

  Stacey and Christina talk about why Edison Community College may be the right fit for you.    

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Protect Your Vacation

  The end of summer is the perfect time to book a Caribbean cruise, and Micki from AAA is here to give some great tips to protect your vacat…

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bd’s Mongolian Grill

  bd’s Mongolian Grill is known for delicious and fun “create your own stir-fry”, Casey and Mitch are here to give us a taste of their summe…