pie week

Pie Week Wrap-up

Shoshana Farrell, from Springboro, wraps up our pie week on Living Dayton.

greg hahn

Greg Hahn on Hot Topics

Comedian Greg Hahn weighs in on this week’s Hot Topics with Shaun and Katie.

pet of the week

Pet of the Week

This hound dog needs a home and it could be yours! Learn more about pet adoption with SICSA.


Thanksgiving Crafts

Katie Koors, from Michaels Arts and Crafts, shares some ideas that you can do at home with the kids for turkey day.


Noodle Koogle

Shoshana Farrell, from Centerville, gives us a recipe for “Noodle Koogle.”

pet nanny plus

Finding a Pet Sitter

Learn about the Pet Nanny Plus and all that’s offered for your pet when traveling this Holiday season.

pie week

Pie Week

Miss Parolee’s Pies could be exactly what you need to take to your Thanksgiving Dinner.

tech hacks

Tech Hacks

Our Digital Diva, Ali Rittenhouse, shares some easy tech hacks you can use in your home or office.


Thanksgiving Travel Tips

Micki Dudas, from AAA, shares tips on traveling this Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

katies quick tips

Katie’s Quick Tips

Katie is back with her quick tips to help you out for this Thanksgiving holiday.