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National Sugar Cookie Day

  Katie and Sallie learn how to make a sugar cookie fruit pizza with Sarah from Granny C’s Bakery on National Sugar Cookie Day

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Kicken Chicken Wingfest

  Katie talks with Randy Saylor on the details for the Kicken Chicken Wingfest.


Stahl Vision and SICSA

  Katie has all the details about how you can make a donation to help animals in need, and earn a big reward from Stahl Vision in the proces…


Third Perk

  The Summer in the City event is just around the corner, and Sallie is in the Living Dayton kitchen with the owner of Third Perk coffee who…


Vitamin Risks

  Vitamins in high doses may increase the risk of cancer. Dr. Rob, America’s Fitness Doctor, tells you what you need to know.


Whole Grains

  Registered dietician Kelli Pitrone tells Sallie all about different types of whole grains and how you can incorporate them into your diet.


5 Skin Habits to Start Now

  Marta Rey, president of Marta Rey Skin Care, has five daily skin habits you should start ASAP.


Fun Dessert Ideas

  Katie and Sallie make their favorite easy desserts perfect for the summer. Recipes are below! Katie’s Flower Pot Pie Ingredients: Instant …


Family Days

  Sallie learns about how to cure your kids’ rainy-day boredom with special events at the Decoy Art Studio.

blue star mothers

Blue Star Mothers

  If you’re looking for a fun night out, Katie has the details on an event at a local tavern where you can support Blue Star Mothers while e…


Preventing Injuries in Young Athletes

  Dr. Nick Curry from Integrative Health and Sports Performance joins Katie to talk about preventing injuries while your kids play sports or…


Sinful Potatoes

Local mom Abby shows Katie how to spice up your potato dishes.


July Fun at Barnes & Noble

  Bronwyn Miller from Barnes & Noble tells Katie what’s going on this month at their Beavercreek location.


Southtown Heating and Cooling

  The summer months put a strain on everyone’s air conditioning systems, and Katie talks with Vic Brahm from Southtown Heating and Cooling a…


Summer Workout Fun

  Does all the summer food have you feeling a little out of shape? Raquel Rivera-Hill has some tips to spruce up your workouts.

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Noodles & Company

  In honor of National Macaroni Day, Katie is joined by Jill Tempe from Noodles & Company in the Living Dayton kitchen to make all sorts of …


Graeter’s Ice Cream

  Yum! Not only is it National Macaroni Day, but it’s also National Strawberry Sundae Day, and to celebrate, the folks from Graeter’s whip u…