Dayton Region’s Walk of Fame

Martin Sheen, Nancy Cartwright and Esther Price are just a few of the famous names you’ll find on the Dayton Region’s Walk of Fame. Now you …

Valentine’s Day photos

Pop-up Valentine’s Day photo shoots with Event Lites. Sessions available for 3 days only – $85 for 20 min portrait session.

Chocolate and Beer 5k

If you need a reason to start running, check out the 5th annual “Chocolate and Beer 5k”.

Soccer Shots

There’s a new kind of soccer organization in the Miami Valley that focuses on building character.

“I Love UD Week”

If you love The University of Dayton, students and staff want yo to prove it! It’s “I Love UD Week” on campus and there’s a lot to celebrate…

Two Men and a Truck

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. That means it’s time to decorate card boxes for your child’s classroom celebration. Justin from T…

Deer in Headlines “Life Changes”

Making a change in life can be difficult without the support of family and friends. Gery Deer talks about his most recent article, “It’s not…

Valentine’s Day crafts

It’s always nice when someone gives you a Valentine gift, but it’s extra special when they take the time to make it themselves. Kim of G-Tow…

Antioch Shrine Circus

The Antioch Shrine Circus is back in town. Find out what’s new and how to get tickets.

Hawthorn Grill

Candace from Hawthorn Grill shares her recipe for what she calls, “the best burger”.

Dayton Contemporary Dance Company

Dayton Contemporary Dance Company eases into the end of this performance season with Vantage Points: A Read Between the Lines.

Dayton Fight Night

A night of entertainment for the whole family might just mean time travelling back to the 1920’s. Get dressed up and watch some of Dayton’s …