beef rollups

Beef Roll-ups

Sallie gets a lesson on the perfect 4th of July appetizer from The Crotty Brothers.


Fireworks Safety

Sallie talks fireworks safety and how to stay safe this holiday weekend.


Fireworks Phobia in Dogs

Dr. Craig Clouse gives Sallie an update on how to ease fireworks phobias in dogs.


Americana Festival

  Duke Lunsford The Executive Director of the Americana Festival talks to Katie about all the fun crafts, events and food at Centerville’s a…


Searing Steak

  Grill Master Curt McAdams shows Sallie the proper way to sear steak.


A Breakfast Tart

Dorothy Lane Market is in the kitchen showing Katie how to make a simple tasty breakfast you can wake up to! Find the recipe below. Recipe: …


P.F. Chang’s

  P.F. Chang’s is in the kitchen with a new lunch menu and a new Kaleidoscope roll that gives you a little bit of everything.


Travel Insurance

  Summer time is all about traveling and vacations but sometimes the plans you make change last minute. Find out how travel insurance can he…



  Business guru Gery Deer tells us about micro-businesses and how a new organization could help you as a solo-preneur.


Pet of the Week

  The cutest part of the week is here! Sicsa is in the studio with this week’s pet of the week! Find out how to can adopt a furry friend thi…