Crab Po’Boys

  Sallie is outside on the Kroger Patio with master griller Curt McAdams who’s making crab po’boys.


Outreach for Animals

  The folks at Outreach for Animals are passionate about the humane treatment of animals, and Katie learns all about how to perform the prop…


Fall Hat Trends

  Amelia O’Dowd from Brim joins Katie with a sneak peek at the hats and accessories that will be hot this fall.


Dayton Customer Survey

  Dayton City Manager Warren Price has all the details on a new city-wide survey geared towards letting you voice your opinion.


Season’s Bistro and Grille

  Season’s Bistro chef Doug McGregor is in the Living Dayton kitchen cooking up a savory and delicious seasoned duck breast.


National S’mores Day

  We’re celebrating National S’mores Day on Living Dayton, and Stefani Ehring from Fond of Life has a creative twist on the classic campfire…


Carnival of India

  The Mela Indian Carnival is coming to the Dayton Convention Center this weekend… and the organizers join Katie to tell her all about this …

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Hot Topics!

  Katie and Sallie sit down with comedian Tommy Johnagin to discuss this week’s Hot Topics.

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Back to School Organization

  Tami Doling is back with all the details on how to help your kids stay organized at school.

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First Friday

  Sallie and Emily Broughton talk about all the events happening during this month’s First Friday in downtown Dayton.