Driving Safety Tips

Pat Brown, from the AAA Driving School, shares what parents should share with their teens before they get in the car to head off to the prom…


MVSO Concert

Get the details on the MVSO Concert happening at Bellbrook High School this weekend. 2NEWS Meteorologists, Tara Hastings and Brian Davis, wi…

plant sale

Plant Sale

Wegerzyn Gardens has the details on their plant sale.

hawthorn grill

Potato Salad Recipe

Hawthorn Grill shares their recipe for a yummy potato salad.

girls on the run

Girls on the Run

Get the scoop on this year’s Girls on the Run event.


Adopt a Shelter Pet

Meet a few furry friends from SICSA for National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day.

garden organization

Garden Organization

Get organized and ready for gardening with Silver Lining Organizers, LLC.

first friday

First Friday

Emily Broughton, from the Downtown Dayton Partnership, shares details on the First Friday event happening.

Seared Tuna

Seared Tuna

Sallie and Juetta cook up a Hawaiian Feast in The Living Dayton Kitchen.