dayton philharmonic

Designer’s Show House

Learn about the Designer’s Show House to benefit the Dayton Philharmonic.

dayton art institute

One Sweet Event

Get the details on some great deals happening at the Dayton Art Institute.


Sean Tucker’s Young Essay Contest

Sheila from the Vectren Dayton Airshow stops by to discuss how your little ones can take part in the Sean Tucker Young Essay Contest and win…


Wild Wednesday!

Get a look at some creepy crawlers brought in by Magical Geckos.


Wicked Card Deals

Confetti Card Company is offering discounts on their items with your “Wicked” ticket stub.

dr rob

Thyroid Symptoms

America’s Fitness Doctor, Dr. Rob, talks about thyroid glands and how they could be affecting your everyday life.


Snack Swaps

Registered Dietitian, Kelli Pitrone, shares easy ways to swap your snacks for something healthy.

Rue Dumaine

Shrimp Spring Salad

Chef Anne from Rue Dumaine makes a Shrimp Spring Salad in The Living Dayton Kitchen.