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Englewood Festival

  Linda Bryan and Judy Flee fill us in on what to expect at the 42nd annual Englewood Festival.

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De’Lish Cafe

  Chef Cato shows us his take on classic Southern cuisine.  

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Dairy Dreem Team of the Week

  Katie is live across the street at the Dixie Dairy Dreem with the Team of the Week, the Junior Gem City Roller Girls.

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Pet of the Week

  The Humane Society is here with the pet of the week and some homemade dog treats your pet is sure to love.

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Hollywood Today

  Hear the inside scoop straight from the West Coast on Hollywood Today

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Belgian Ale & Food Festival

  Jule provides a preview of all the fun to come at the 4th annual Belgian Ale & Food Festival.

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Financial Literacy

  Business guru Gery Deer gives us some tips on helping students understand financial literacy and plan for the future.    

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Ride the Ducks

  Zak talks about the new “Ride the Ducks” experience at Newport Aquarium.  

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Summer Salads and Snacks

  Cookbook author and gluten-free chef, Janet Balsbaugh, prepares a savory summer salad and healthy after-school snack.