Breakfast with Clifton Mill

It’s Breakfast Week on Living Dayton! Clifton Mill joins us to show their breakfast recipes.

dr roz

Vitamin D Benefits

“Dr. Roz MD” talks about the many benefits of Vitamin D.

beef jerky

Artisan Beef Jerky

Shaun gets suited-up and takes us on a journey to a local artisan beef jerky store. Meet the “No Name Cowboy”, Dave Buehrle, and his many fl…

iheart radio

iHeart Radio Music Festival

Steven Lewis, from Channel 999, talks about how you can still re-live the iHeart Radio Music Festival on Dayton’s CW tonight and tomorrow.

debt scam warning

Debt Scam Warning

A Detective from the Dayton Police Department sends out a debt scam warning happening in the area.

makeup monday

Eyelash Extensions

A Vogue Idea joins us on this Makeup Monday to talk eyelash extensions.

dance party friday

Funk Lab Dance Party

Learn how to pop and lock it with the Funk Lab for Dance Party Friday.

pride and prejudice

Pride and Prejudice

Don’t miss a local performance of Pride and Prejudice at Sinclair.