Wall Wizard

The Wall Wizard

Brian Santos, the Wall Wizard, works his magic and gives us home improvement tips.

Spring Cleaning

Organize Your Wardrobe

Put a spring into your step and into your cleaning. Here are some tips to organize your wardrobe!

Hollywood Today Live

Hollywood Today Live

Amanda and Kristin from Hollywood Today Live give their predictions for the weekend box office.

sub contest

Sub Eating Contest

The folks from The Submarine House put Sallie and Katie to the test with a sub eating contest. See who wins!

wright bros

Wright Brothers Clothing Line

Doug Knopp of The Wright Brothers USA shares the details of the new clothing line and how you can be the face of the new brand.

buck i guy

Buck i Guy

The famous “Buck i Guy” stops by the set to talk about Buckeye Football and his appearance at The Home and Garden show this weekend.


Black Bean Burgers

Kate Kennard cooks black bean burgers and sweet potato fries with Shaun and Katie in the Living Dayton Kitchen.