Jello Shots

A New Spin on Jello!

The Dayton’s CW Star Cecily is here showing us how to make strawberry jello shots! These can also be made family friendly by just leaving ou…


How to Eat Healthier

The folks from Rich Taste Catering make oven roasted chicken thighs with peach salsa.

Comic Book

The Silver Age of Comic Book Art

The author of The Silver Age of Comic Book Art is here with the details on comic book lectures, the Gem City Comic Convention, and comic boo…

River Valley Credit Union

Teacher of the Month

The new Teacher of the Month is recognized. SPONSORED BY RIVER VALLEY CREDIT UNION.

john henton

Hot Topics

John Henton discusses today’s hot topics! He is in town this weekend at the Dayton Funny Bone, for more information on showtimes visit dayto…


Prodigy Football Combine

The guys from Prodigy Fitness and Training put Shaun through a few of their football training exercises that are being offered.


National Spinach Day

Marco’s Pizza is offering free pizza in exchange for one can of spinach. Get more details, here. SPONSORED BY MARCO’S PIZZA


Functional Fitness Fridays

Raquel Rivera-Hill, from Boriqua Fitness, shows 3 easy exercises you can do at home. Don’t miss the details on her newest addition to classe…


Halibut and Mussels

Dorothy Lane Market offers some of the freshest seafood around town. Watch to get this delicious seafood recipe.