Art on the Commons

  Katie learns about an event that features fine arts and crafts from dozens of talented artists.


National Sister Day

  Katie gives a shoutout to her sister and some other important sisters of the Living Dayton crew.

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Hot Topics with Rod Man

  Comedian Rod Man is in the Living Dayton studios to talk some of this week’s hot topics with Katie and Sallie.

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Back to School Organization

  Mornings can get pretty crazy when the kids head back to school. Tami from Silver Linings Organizers joins Katie with tips on how to make …

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Chappys Grand Opening

  The folks at Chappys are celebrating their new location with a big grand opening, and Sallie learns all the details.

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Aullwood Audubon

  The Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm is known for their gorgeous landscape and the wildlife that inhabits it, but they also have fun event…

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Flyboy’s Deli

  The folks from Flyboy’s Deli are in the Living Dayton kitchen with a taste of New York City you can get without leaving the Miami Valley.

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Dixie Dairy Dreem Team of the Week

  Katie is live from the Dixie Dairy Dreem with this week’s team of the week — the Greater Dayton Rowing Association.

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Pet of the Week

  Megan Moon from SICSA joins Katie and Sallie in the studio with this week’s cuddly pet of the week.


Photos Like the Pros!

  Jennifer, owner of Jenny Haas Photography shares the secrets for professional-looking photography with Katie.