How to Clean Clogged Pores

  Having a clean face starts with getting a deep clean in the first place. Katie learns tips on how to unclog your pores.


Beauty Foods

  Registered dietician Kelli Pitrone tells Katie what foods are both good for our bodies and also for our skin, hair and nails.


Get Muddy for a Good Cause

  Katie has all the details about an event at which you can get muddy and have fun — all for a good cause.


Pushups For Charity

  Pushups usually are for exercising, but this summer they can help out a good cause, and Katie learns all about it.


BBQ Pizza

  Robert Benson, AKA “Pizza Benny” from Centerville Pizza and BBQ, joins Sallie in the Living Dayton kitchen to make what the restaurant mak…


Cityfolk Celebration

  The Cityfolk Celebration festival is returning to the Miami Valley, and Shaun learns all the details about the event’s triumphant return.


Summer Shows

  Katie discovers all the new shows and events the Victoria Theatre Association has planned for the summer season which is now upon us.


Greene County Bike Trails

  The nation’s vast network of paved bike trails runs right through Greene County, and Shaun learns how you can enjoy them during the summer…

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Pow Wow at SunWatch

  Kristy Creel shares the details on the 27th annual Pow Wow at SunWatch Indian Village.

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Summer Sangria

  Mel Kutzera from Bella Vino shares summer drink creations.