Link bikes

Zac shows you the link bike systems in Dayton and why you should get out and ride!


Subway Dragons 5k

Lace up your sneakers and head over the the Dayton Dragon’s home turf for a healthy 5k.


Bacon lover’s omelet

Bob Evans is cooking in the kitchen making their new bacon lover’s omelet!

antique village

Antique Village

Antique Village is celebrating their 3rd anniversary with some great deals!

ice cream

Homemade ice cream

Katie and Zac try two different ways to make homemade ice cream!

art institute

New art exhibits

The Dayton Art Institute has new exhibits coming!


Beauty benefits of grapes

Kristina Dant, makeup artist, talks about how grape seed oil could help you achieve glowing skin.


Zac tries playing Pokemon Go

Learn more about the game that is raging among the youth of today. Zac isn’t very good at it!


Blues Fest

The Dayton Blues Festival is back! Lamonte stops by the studio with information about the fun.


Pet of the week

Nora from SICSA stops by with the pet of the week!


Cooking with Chef House

Chef Lee Anne House and Caitlin are back to make a Keener Farm sausage sandwich!


Sylvan beat boredom

Ways to beat summer boredom for kids at home and on the road!


Tattoo removal process

Do you have a tattoo you regret getting? Zac visits Dr. Nanda at Jiva Med Spa to remove his.