Push Ups

Push-Ups For Change

Matt, at the Asian Arts Center Taekwondo School, talks to Katie about Push-Ups For Change.


BioFeedback Therapy

Dr. Rob breaks down the technique, called “biofeedback” and how it can help you.


Wear Your College Colors Day

Sallie and Katie wear the team colors of the schools they both graduated from. Sallie, from Southern Methodist University and Katie, from Mi…


Sicsa Pet of the Week

Sicsa introduces us to the adorable kitten as this weeks pet of the week.


Kate’s Plate

Kate Kennard discusses Kate’s Plate, how it works, and the new fall menu.


Operation Football

2NEWS Sports Director Jack Pohl breaks down all the high school football action and previews this week’s game of the week.


Alefest Dayton

Alefest Dayton kicks is happening this Saturday and Sallie gets all the details.