Hawthorn Grill Sauces

Hawthorn Grill Signature Sauces

Candace with Hawthorn Grill returns to the Living Dayton kitchen with some signature items from the menu.  


Marijuana Debate – Digging Deeper

In a few weeks Ohioans will vote whether to legalize marijuana for recreational and medicinal use. Before that vote the 2 News team wanted t…

DLM Culinary Center

Dorothy Lane Market Cooking Classes

Zebbie from Dorothy Lane Market culinary center is here to give us the details on their upcoming Halloween themed cooking classes that are m…

Hollywood 10-15-15

Hollywood Today Live

Our friends at Hollywood Today Live have the details on all the latest happenings in Tinsel Town.  

Cody's Caring Closet

Cody’s Caring Clothing

Most of us know the financial strain being a parent can have on your wallet, but a local charity can help.  

Egg Pizza

Wood Fired Pizza

Sallie is joined by Bella Sorella and they are making a one of a kind pizza.  


Masquerage 2015

It’s one of the biggest parties in the Miami Valley, Masquerage is just days away.  


Hollywood Today Live

AJ and Kristen deliver the latest scoop on what’s happening in Hollywood.