All-Inclusive Myths

Micki Dudas, from AAA, breaks down the 5 myths of all-inclusive vacations.

iphone 6

iPhone 6 Breakdown

Our digital diva, Ali Rittenhouse, breaks down the latest iPhone 6 announcement.

domestic violence

Domestic Abuse

Artemis Center talks to Sallie about domestic violence and the recent awareness brought upon it by the current situation with NFL Player, Ra…

cyclops fest

Cyclops Festival

Yellow Springs is gearing up for the 4th annual Cyclops Festival.

remodeling designs

Remodeling Design

Remodeling Design is ready to help you add a new look inside of your home.


After School Pizza Snack

Matt Boosalis, from Boosalis Baking Company, shows us how to make your own after school snack for your kids.

urban living

Urban Living

Urban Nights is full of entertainment, but also, residential properties, in downtown Dayton, for you to explore.

the valley

Donald on “The Valley”

Katie catches up with one of the cast-members from Dayton’s only local-produced reality television series, “The Valley.”