D20 Bar

A fun new local business where you can drink craft beer and play board games.

TSA airport ID rules

It’s the time of year that AAA wants to alert travelers of airport ID rules. Micki from AAA shares tips to make sure your vacation plans are…

Winter fire prevention

It’s about that time to take down your holiday decorations and throw out those Christmas trees. There are some safe ways to ensure you don’t…

Startup Grind Dayton

Startup Grind is the largest independent startup community, connecting founders in over 200 cities. One of the cities where you can find Sta…

Razdabar Sound & Management

If you or someone you know is looking for some musical career advice and help from the pros, there’s a place right here in Dayton that can h…

Lamb chop lollipop

Impress your guests this New Year’s Eve with a fancy appetizer.

New Year’s safety

Area law enforcement want you to have a good time this New Year’s, but say safety should be top of mind.

New Year’s Eve in Dayton 2017

you don’t have to go to Times Square to ring in 2017. Val from the Downtown Dayton Partnership shares how you can have a good time right her…

Mission Get Lean

The holiday season is all about indulging, but now it’s time to get our waistlines in check.  Kara and Dawn are here with more details about…

Financial Resolutions

A brand new year means the perfect time for making financial resolutions.  Bryon Spicer from Spicer Wealth is here to tell us how.