Spring salad

Candace from the Hawthorn Grill shows Katie and Zac a spring salad that’s delicious.


Support the troops

Zac learns about Adam’s Hope and a plant sale that can support the troops.

Kids involved

Chore charts for kids

Dayton Mom Blogger Jen shows us how to make chore charts for our kids.

Game Truck

Game Truck Dayton

We’ve been highlighting some of Dayton’s best mobile businesses and today we’re happy to welcome Greg from Game Truck Dayton.  

Dayton Metro Library

Book Club at Dayton Metro Library

Have you ever wanted to start a book club? Jean and Erin from Dayton Metro Library have details on how you can get one started. SPONSORED BY…

Boosalis Baking and Cafe

Boosalis Baking and Cafe

Matt from Boosalis Baking and Cafe joins us to discuss an upcoming event that raises money for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.    

Game Truck

Skincare Secrets

Marta Rey joins us with information on the importance of vitamins and antioxidants for your skin. SPONSORED BY MARTA REY EUROPEAN AND CLINIC…

Dr. Rob

Surrender the Soda

Dr. Rob stops by with some tips to help you kick the habit of drinking soda.  

Columbus Zoo 2

Columbus Zoo Animals 2

Shawn from the Columbus Zoo has yet another exotic feline to show us.  

Columbus Zoo

Columbus Zoo Animals

We’re celebrating Wild Wednesday with Shawn from the Columbus Zoo and he brought with him some exotic felines.    


Wegerzyn Gardens

If you’re looking to enhance your landscape and fill your garden then  Wegerzyn Gardens is the place to be. The foundation is holding its Ma…


Eclipse Integrity Awards

The Eclipse Integrity Awards honor businesses and nonprofits for their management practices, reputations and more. The big event is just wee…