“Winnie the Pooh”

  Lindsey and Donna from The Children’s Performing Arts of Miamisburg share the details on an upcoming production of “Winnie the Pooh”.    


Alaska Vacations

  Micki from AAA shares some reasons to take an Alaskan Vacation.


“The Blur”- Dwight Anderson Story

  Dayton Basketball Legend, Dwight Anderson is the inspiration behind film maker and sports writer Branson Wright’s new documentary.


Mobility for Hope

  Vic from Southtown Heating and Cooling tells us about a new fundraiser called “Mobility for Hope”.


Hawthorn Grill

  Chef Candace prepares some delicious Italian recipes from Hawthorn Grill’s new menu.


National Lemonade Day

  Tony and Lisa from McGillicutty’s Pub share some spiked lemonade recipes for National Lemonade Day.


Hollywood Today Live

  From yet another celebrity divorce to a new VMA award design, AJ has the latest from Hollywood.


Pet of the Week

  Megan from Sicsa is here with the fun, furry pet of the week!

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Nutrition Labels

  Nutritionist Kelli Pitrone shares some great information regarding upcoming changes to nutrition labels.

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Teen Skincare

Skincare expert, Marta Rey, talks about the best way to keep teen’s skin clear and clean. SPONSORED BY MARTA REY SKIN CARE