el meson

Travel with El Meson

Owner of El Meson, Bill Castro, invites you to travel with the restaurant starting next year. Watch for the details.

back to school lunches

Back to School Lunches

Send your child off to school with a healthier lunch that they’ll enjoy.

dr rob

Tips for Healthy Hair

America’s Fitness Doctor, Dr. Rob, shares great tips for achieving your healthiest hair.

hire dayton

Hire Dayton

Dayton City Commissioner, Joey Williams, chats with Shaun about the “Hire Dayton” initiative.


Flute and Art Festival

SunWatch Indian Village invites you to one of their biggest events happening this weekend. Listen to our live musical guest, Doug Bluefeathe…


Canoegrass Festival

Don’t miss your chance to enjoy bluegrass music on the water.

food truck

Food Truck Competition

The Hunger Paynes food truck pulls in, plus, we get the scoop on one of the biggest food truck competitions happening in Springfield.

dog segment

Doggie Dash and Splash

Get a glimpse at the doggie entertainment happening at this year’s Doggie Dash and Splash event.