b man

Best Classic Rock Station

B Man, from WTUE, shares the latest accomplishment made as being the Best Classic Rock Station.

crock pot week

Chicken and Noodles

Crock Pot Week continues on day 3 with Lori Cox who shows us how to make Chicken and Noodles in a crock pot.

beard style

Beard Style

The Bearded Barber shows the guys how to make their beards or mustaches look good for “No Shave November.”

american pi

Arm Party

American Pi of Dayton shows you how to have your very own arm party! Learn more about this latest accessory trend, here.

victoria theatre

Shows at the Schuster

Get the latest rundown of shows coming to the Victoria Theatre Association.

bacon grilling

Bacon on the Grill

Sallie cooks on the Kroger Patio with Grill Master, Curt McAdams.

new neighbors legue

New Neighbors League

Learn about an organization designed to help those women in need of new friends in the area.