haile israel

“Set Love Free”

Haile Israel performs Reggae music live on Living Dayton.

reggae fest

Reggae Fest

Get the scoop on this year’s Reggae Fest here in Dayton.

how to succeed in business

How to Succeed in Business…

Dayton Playhouse invites you to come check out their latest performance of, “How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying.”


Cooking Wings

Delish Cafe shows us how they make their signature wings.

premium outlets

Interview Basics

Cincinnati Premium Outlets shows off wardrobe ideas to land that new job.


Off-Season Travel

Micki Dudas, from AAA, breaks down the advantages and disadvantages of traveling during the off-season.

doggie daycare

Doggy Day Care

Choose Club K-9 Doggy Day Care for your pet’s next stay and he/she may never want to leave!

grape escape

Grape Escape

Hidden Valley Fruit Farm invites you to their Grape event.


Let me Take a Selfie

Digital Diva, Ali Rittenhouse, gives you tips on how to take the best selfie.