haunted hotels

Haunted Hotels

AAA shows off a few haunted hotels to visit for Halloween.



Learn how to wear scarves this Fall season.

moore dessert please

Pumpkin Week Treats

Moore Dessert Please shows off some fun Halloween treats.

oakwood cleaning service

Quick Clean!

Oakwood Cleaning Service shares tips on getting your place clean in under thirty minutes.

h&m hit 1

H&M Grand Opening

Shaun was live for the grand opening of H&M at the Dayton Mall.

Kurt McAdams Griller

Apple Pie on the Grill

Master Chef Curt McAdams shows Sallie a unique take on apple pie, complete with bacon and bourbon.

american heart association stroke

World Stroke Day

A stroke survivor and a nurse discuss how you can be prepared to identify the symptoms of a stroke as noted by the acronym FAST.