family savvy mom

Indoor Family Fun

Have some fun with these popular game selections while learning at the same time. Local blogger, Shoshana Farrell, for, Family Savvy Mom, sh…

barnes and noble

Barnes and Noble Events

Nikki Torres, from B&N at Beavercreek, shares details on her upcoming events.


“The Illusionists”

Professional Illusionists, Andrew Basso and Kevin James, talk about their upcoming show at the Schuster Center. Click on the video for more …

trivia with a twist

Buckeye Trivia!

Quizmaster Matt, from, Trivia with a Twist, tests our hosts on OSU knowledge.

special effects

Special Effects Makeup

Centerville native, Ben Peter, shows off his special effects makeup that will be featured on the SyFy network. Watch for more details.


Soup Recipes

Amy Ott, Klosterman Baking, shares a delicious soup recipe.

bil jac

Puppy Training Tips

Bil-Jac treats are a great way to begin training your puppy.


Buckeye Treats

Granny C’s Bakery shows you how to easily make your own buckeye treats.

dayton parent

Snow Day Activities

Dayton Parent Magazine is packed with fun-filled snow day activities for you and the kids!

organize your desk

Organize your Desk!

Silver Lining Organizer, LLC, shows you an easy way to bring organization to a chaotic desk.