pet of the week

Pet of the Week

Meet this cute little kitten who is up for adoption with SICSA.

dance party friday

Dance Party Friday

Two dancers from Smile Awhile Dance Studio stop by to show off a few ball-room moves on this Dance Party Friday.


Gluten-Free Lunch Box

Author of The Gluten-Free Revolution, Caroline Shannon-Karasik, shows you how to prepare a gluten-free lunch box for your kids.


LGBT Film Festival

Get the details on the LGBT Film Festival happening at The Neon theater, downtown Dayton.

bad frog

Bad Frog Frozen Yogurt

Another ‘Best of Dayton’ nominee from Dayton Magazine stops by to share some of their seasonal flavors.

halloween express

Popular Kids Costumes

Halloween Express offers a variety of popular kids costumes perfect for Halloween.

tony rock hot topics

Hot Topics with Tony Rock

Actor/Comedian, Tony Rock, weighs in on this week’s hot topics with Shaun and Katie.

run dayton

Charity Contest

Run Dayton talks about their latest charity contest.


Fall Travel Deals

Micki Dudas, from AAA, gives some great travel deals for the Fall season.

heathers coffee and cafe

The Italian Stallion

So many subs that you can try Heather’s Coffee & Cafe. They join us in the kitchen to prepare their “Italian Stallion.”