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Summer in the City

  Emily talks with Katie about a summer street party all Dayton residents are invited to attend.

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Cool Summer Treats

  Cindy and Hannah from JD’s Frozen Custard talk about how to get free custard for giving back and being safe.

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  Kevin and Lisa highlight the details on this summer’s GarlicFest.

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Traveling to Greece

  Micki from AAA discusses traveling tips for a Grecian getaway.

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Lily’s Bistro

  Emily and Mariah from Lily’s Bistro demonstrate how to make some of the items of their summer menu.

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National Sugar Cookie Day

  Katie and Sallie learn how to make a sugar cookie fruit pizza with Sarah from Granny C’s Bakery on National Sugar Cookie Day

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Kicken Chicken Wingfest

  Katie talks with Randy Saylor on the details for the Kicken Chicken Wingfest.


Stahl Vision and SICSA

  Katie has all the details about how you can make a donation to help animals in need, and earn a big reward from Stahl Vision in the proces…


Third Perk

  The Summer in the City event is just around the corner, and Sallie is in the Living Dayton kitchen with the owner of Third Perk coffee who…