Vegetarian Fare

De’Lish Cafe shows off a few vegetarian dishes.

food adventures

“Food Adventures”

Learn about a group of food bloggers that have many “Food Adventures” to share with you.

lady liberty

Lady Liberty

Katie Kenney goes undercover as “Lady Liberty” to join another Liberty figure on the side of the road.

the valley

Don B. from, “The Valley”

Season one cast-member, Don B., from, “The Valley,” talks about his experience on the show. Get the details on season 2, here.

easter brunch

Easter Brunch Locations

Lisa Grigsby, from Dayton Most Metro, shares a list of restaurants participating in serving brunch on Easter Sunday.


Kids and Allowance

Should you provide your kid an allowance and at what age? Spicer Wealth Management weighs in.

gery deer computer spring cleaning

Computer Spring Cleaning

Gery Deer teaches us how to clean out our computers the right way. For more information, visit

dayton bizarre

Dayton Bizarre

The organizer of the Dayton Bizarre tells us what do expect at downtown Dayton’s First Friday celebration.