Troy Strawberry Festival

  This weekend is the annual Troy Strawberry Festival and Shaun discovers everything new at this year’s event.


Can You Afford Vacation?

  If you’re looking to plan a summer vacation in the next few months, Bryon Spicer from Spicer Wealth Management has tips on how to properly…


Great Dayton Adventure Race

  The Great Dayton Adventure Race is happening this Friday night in downtown Dayton, and Shaun learns all the details on this fun new event.


Wine & Beer Festival

  The 45th annual Valley Vinyards wine and beer festival is kicking off this weekend, and Sallie learns about all the restaurants and wine t…


School’s Out, Drive Safe

  Now that schools are out of session, more and more kids will be outside — and that means drivers will have to be extra cautious. Sallie le…


Wright Company Factory InstaMeet

  An “InstaMeet” at the world’s first airplane factory is happening next week, and Shaun learns exactly what an InstaMeet is and who can joi…


Ashley’s Pastries

  Theresa Hammons from Ashley’s Pastry Shop is in the Living Dayton kitchen baking cake cones — a perfect summer treat for you and your kids…


Teacher of the Month

  Katie joins several teachers for a very special and touching Teacher of the Month presentation.


Pet of the Week

  Shaun and Sallie introduce you to this week’s SICSA pet of the week!


Dayton Multi Sports Festival

  A new festival in Dayton is all about getting fit, and Shaun learns how you can get a discount off of the festival’s races!