boricua fitness

Tone-up for Summer

Raquel Rivera-Hill, from Boricua Fitness, gives you a few exercises that you can do in your home to tone-up for bathing-suit seat.

dr carol

Introverts and Extroverts

Dr. Carol Morgan, from Wright State University, shares details on introverts and extroverts.


Shrimp Roll and More

A Chef from Nibbles shares a few recipes in the Living Dayton kitchen.

summer cocktails

Summer Cocktails

Get a few Summer cocktails recipes with Dayton Most Metro.

food trivia

Food Trivia

A member from “Food Adventures” puts Shaun and Katie to the test.


Alleviating Muscle Aches

Shaun learns about simple ways to prevent every-day muscle aches. SPONSORED BY INTEGRATIVE HEALTH AND SPORTS PERFORMANCE.


Camps Rock

When kids get out of school, what can they do to stay busy? Anne Potter from Camps Rock tells Sallie about a new app to figure out things fo…


Summer Water Safety

Swimming pools are now open all around the area, and Nick Gill from the Red Cross has tips to keep everyone in your family safe around water…