Catering and Food At Findlay’s

Lee Sneed, Director of Findlay’s Street Cafe and Catering wins us over with her tasty dishes you’re going to enjoy devouring!

Jay jones

Deep Fried Delictables

Jay Jones from Platinum Caterer’s is on the patio shining his special talents with an old favorite, the chip watch as he transforms the chip…


Terra-Cotta Warrior Exhibit

Indianapolis Children’s Museum’s, Leslie Olson joins the show to share information on the warrior exhibit along with the many other activiti…


Memorial Day Party Popping Decorating

Thomas Community Consultants brings Manicka Thomas our way to show us how to decorate festively for the parties this weekend and more withou…


Hot Topics Heat Wave!

Comedian, Pete Lee is in town this weekend at the Funny Bone so he’s making his way to Living Dayton to share all the latest Hot Topics with…

freedom festival

Freedom Festival

Get the details on this year’s Patriot Freedom Festival.

dr cooper

Dentures – Before & After

Get a look at some before and after pictures of patients receiving new or refined dentures with Advanced Dentistry of Dayton.


Healthy Burger Recipe

Jennifer Osterday, from Relish and Savor, shows you how to make a health burger for Memorial Day weekend.

boricua fitness

Partner Workouts

Raquel Rivera-Hill and trainer, Stephan Rivera-Clack, from Boricua Fitness, share fun, effective workouts you can do with the help of a part…