Get a look at waterproof car seat covers with all different sorts of designs.

nan whaley

Chatting with Nan Whaley

City of Dayton Mayor, Nan Whaley, chats with Shaun Kraisman about the weather impacting the city’s infrastructure, the importance of the Fir…

Recycling Old Devices

Recycle Your Old Devices

Here are some ways you can recycle your old device. For more tips, check out alirittenhouse.com

WIld Wednesday

Wild Wednesday!

Introducing Bravo, the 650-pound Galapagos tortoise from the Newport Aquarium.

Holding Up Help

2 NEWS Investigates: Holding Up Help

2 NEWS Investigates’ Natalie Tendall looks into who, or what, is creating longer response times for emergency vehicles.  

Josh on the Job

Josh on the Job

Our resident handyman Josh shares his latest DIY in-home project.

Dr. Rob

Dr. Rob in the House!

Dr. Rob fills us in on the safety of certain hormone replacement therapies.