At-Home Hair Tips

Dayton’s CW Star, Cecily Hieb, shares hair tips that you can use with products from your pantry!

raquel rivera hill

Boxing Date Night

Raquel Rivera-Hill, from Boriqua Fitness, shares the details on her upcoming boxing date night event. Shaun and Katie go head-to-head on set…

game day party planning

Game Day Party Planning

The folks from Silver Lining Organizers help you get ready for the big game.

josh on the job

Winter Caulking

“Josh on the Job” returns with his lesson on how to properly caulk your windows to keep out that winter weather.

cheeky meat pies

Cheeky Meat Pies

Learn how to make a few game-day snacks with the ladies from Cheeky Meat Pies.

romeo and juliet

“Romeo and Juliet”

Two cast-members, from, “Romeo and Juliet,” stop by to talk about their upcoming performance at a Kettering school.

pet of the week

Pet of the Week

Meet this week’s Pet of the Week brought to you by the Humane Society of Greater Dayton.

dance party friday

Dance Party Friday

Two dancers from South Dayton School of Dance join us for dance party Friday.


Ohio ProStart Invitational

Chef Anthony Head, and two of his students, share details on their culinary competition happening, as well as, a few recipes for you to try …


Learning to Vlog

Dayton’s CW Star, Cecily Hieb, shares tips on how to start a video blog.