Archaeology Day

Archaeology Day is coming up at SunWatch Indian Village. Learn how you can dig up part of history.

Teen Driver Safety Week

This is Teen Driver Safety Week. Learn about the efforts AAA is making to keep teen drivers safe.

GLOW: Nature at Night

Experience Aullwood Farm lit up as a glowing wonderland. Glow: Nature at night is back and better than ever for two nights only.

Halloween Safety

The Halloween themed events have already begun in the Miami Valley, and while it’s a fun time of year for kids, it can also be a dangerous o…

Hospice of Dayton 3k/5k Remembrance Walk

It’s a special way to remember your loved ones. and it’s taking place in just a few days. Learn more about the Hospice of Dayton 3k/5k Remem…


It’s known as Dayton’s Party of parties. Masquerage is back at the historic Roundhouse on the Montgomery County Fairgrounds. Clash Dayton su…

The Great Pumkin Glow

You can leave your mark on the Miami Valley this weekend. Adventures On The Great Miami is hosting “The Great Pumpkin Glow” October 21st.

Halloween Beatnik Café

The 2017 Halloween Beatnik Café event is a free public reading by local authors of original short stories and poetry to the theme this year …

Learn to stop overthinking

You’ve probably heard the old saying “don’t make a mountain out of a molehill”, meaning don’t turn a small problem into a big one. It’s what…