Fourth of July crafting

Kim from Kimmer’s Kreations has some more great crafts for the kids for this weekend.


AAA travel tips

Micki Dudas from AAA has tips to help you avoid the impact of the Brexit on travelling.


Bonefish Grill

Make hand-crafted cocktails and delicious fish dishes inspired by Bonefish Grill for yourself!

social media

Social Media Day

Social Media doesn’t just let you branch out to your friends, but to new job opportunities too!


Gloria–The Musical

Catch the romantic comedy that’s revitalizing the Gloria Theatre in Urbana!


Swift Fox

The Columbus Zoo is here with a their ambassador Swift Fox named Sadie!


Being aware of Amoeba

Dr. Rob is back at it again! And this time he’s here to tell you how to swim safely this summer!


Asian Small-Clawed Otter

The Columbus Zoo introduces you to Yang and their great Independence Day deals!



Learn about the Dayton Metro Library’s famous Bookmobile and how you can get involved.


2016 Americana Festival

Don’t miss out on the Fourth of July festival that has people already staking out spots to sit and watch!


Independence Day treats

Lauren from Whole Foods Market tells you some easy way to find tasty desserts that use this season’s produce!  

la comedia

Lion King behind the scenes

See the Circle of Life backstage! Here’s an exclusive look of how these roaring costumes make the production come to life!

mens health

Men’s health

June is Men’s Health Month and Dr. Groll has tips to stay in good health and raise awareness!

salad cocktails

Rue Dumaine

Keep summer cool with chilled cocktails and crisp salads! Here’s the recipes for them! No. 9 Cocktail: Lillet, lemon juice, Mezcal, Cointrea…


Trending Tuesday

Keep up all the new trends can be hard, but we’re breaking them down for you!