fashionably layering

Fashionably Layered

Get Dressed! Boutique shows us 5 ways to layer are wardrobe in a fashionable way.

bellbrook sugarcreek

Upcoming Hikes

Bellbrook Sugarcreek Parks District talks about their upcoming hike schedule.

cooking with kathy hart

Cooking with Kathy Hart

Sallie Taylor continues her, “Where are they now?,” cooking segments; this week, with former WDTN Reporter, Kathy Hart.

mini university

Mini University

Meet another ‘Best of Dayton’ nominee from Dayton Magazine, Mini University.

diabetes segment

Healthy Snacks

Continuing National Diabetes Awareness Month, a Dietician from Dayton Children’s shares some healthy options for snacking.

low t book

The Low T Book

America’s Fitness Doctor, Dr. Rob, talks about his recent release of his latest publication, “The Low T Book.”


Happy Hump Day!

A Camel joins us on the Kroger Patio, courtesy of Valley Exotics Petting Zoo.

ali rittenhouse

Black Friday Apps

Digital Diva, Ali Rittenhouse, shares the must-have apps to get you ahead of the game for shopping during Black Friday.