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Teen Skincare

Skincare expert, Marta Rey, talks about the best way to keep teen’s skin clear and clean. SPONSORED BY MARTA REY SKIN CARE

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Stahl Vision Contest Winner

  Katie is with Dr. Brian Stahl and Dr. James Knowles as they reveal Photo Contest Winner, Lisa Moore.   SPONSORED BY STAHL VISION CENTER

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Cold or Flu?

  Dr. Kindy, owner of Heartland Pharmacy, teaches us how to differentiate a cold from the flu. SPONSORED BY HEARTLAND PHARMACY

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After School Snacks

  Dayton Mom’s Blog writer, Kate Kennard, shares the recipe for a healthy after school snack.

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Convenient Workout Moves

  Raquel from Boricua Fitness demonstrates some workouts that are perfect for busy moms.

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Boonshoft Museum of Discovery

  Jason Heaton, Assistant Director of Astronomy, shares the details on a summer movie night at Boonshoft Museum of Discovery.

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The Melting Pot

  The Melting Pot is in the Living Dayton Kitchen making delicious cheese and chocolate fondue.

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Air Force Museum Theatre

  Mary from the Air Force Museum of the United States shares the latest films you can catch at the Air Force Museum Theatre.

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Bridal and Event Show

  Terry and Mary Adkins share all the details on the Wine Down Wednesday Bridal and Event Show.