Dayton Magazine 2015

Natasha from Dayton Magazine discusses all the happenings in the latest issue plus an update on Best of Dayton. SPONSORED BY DAYTON MAGAZINE



Urmila and Jeni discuss “Rock”toberfest and how you can join the fun.  


Land of Illusion 2015

Brett from Land of Illusion shares all the details of the new attractions at the area’s premiere thrill park. SPONSORED BY LAND OF ILLUSION


Love vs. Loans

Bryon discusses how couples can tacked student debt and other money issues together. SPONSORED BY SPICER WEALTH FINANCIAL


What’s Buzzing? Home Alone!

Katie’s favorite movie OF ALL TIME is coming back to theaters for only two days and she’s pretty excited. Watch as she and Sallie cover the …

Red Cross 2

Family Preparedness

Laura, Executive Director of the Dayton-area Red Cross, offers some tips on how to make sure your home is safe.