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Cupcake Quick Tips

  Katie shows us how to use a cupcake liner for summer treats.

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Beach Towel Giveaway

  Sue Montesano from River Valley Credit Union tells us how you can win a free towel.

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Tips for Giving

  BBB President and CEO John North tells us what donors need to be aware of.


Avoid a Hysterectomy

  Approximately 600,000 hysterectomies are performed in the United States every year, and Dr. Roz tells Sallie how all of these might not be…


Deer in Headlines

  Last year, book publishers took in more than $15 billion in sales through audio books, e-books, and traditional books. But why do readers …


“Hunks and Ladders” Calendar

  Firefighters from around the Miami Valley are having a competition to choose 15 of their own for the first ever “Hunks and Ladders” calend…


Moves for a Sexy Back

  When you exercise, your back is almost always neglected. Raquel Rivera-Hill from Boricua Fitness shows Sallie some moves that might help.


Summer Crafts

  When it rains during the summer, parents have to find ways to keep their kids busy. Katie Koors from Michael’s Arts and Crafts shows Shaun…