Catch a Game!

The Dayton Dragons have a few home games left for you to take in this Summer.


Exploring Alaska

Micki Dudas, from AAA, gives the top reasons to vacation in the great state of Alaska.

muffin top

No More Muffin Top

Raquel Rivera-Hill, from Boriqua Fitness, shows off a few workout moves you can do at home to shed that muffin top.


Cajun Chicken and Tilapia

Chef Jay Jones, from Platinum Caterers, cooks a cajun-flavored tilapia and chicken.


Cool Film Series

The Victoria Theatre Association is still showing some iconic films for you to come and enjoy.

social media and weddings

Social Media and Weddings

Julie, from WeddingMarketNews.com, shares the correct ways to use, and not to use, social media during a wedding.

makeup monday

Beauty on a Budget

We talk Makeup Monday with Makeup Artist, Ebony Jones.


It’s Fair Time!

Get the details on this year’s Montgomery County Fair.