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35MM: “A Musical Exhibition”

If you’re looking for a professional theater experience this weekend, Dare to Defy Productions has a new show that combines amazing lyrics w…


Big Beers and Barley Wines

Big Beers and Barely Wines returns this weekend and it promises to be even bigger and better than before! The event has been described as “t…


Amber Rose Restaurant

Amber Rose Restaurant features homemade eastern European food. They’re located in the heart of east Dayton, and the building dates back to 1…


Fall shows at the Victoria Theatre

There is so much great entertainment right here at home. Diane Schoeffler-Warren tells us about some of the great events at the Victoria The…


Importance of patient advocacy

From insurance, to pharmaceutical companies, it’s easy to get lost in the medical talk and be taken advantage of. Dr. Rob is “in the house” …


8 reasons to get a facial

When it comes to having clear skin, sometimes it takes more than just daily cleansing. Skincare Specialist Marta Rey shares the 8 reasons to…


Headaches related to spine issues

If you suffer from headaches, it’s possible the cause could be linked to another part of your body. Dr. Terry McCoskey from Living Well Spin…


Harvest at SunWatch Indian Village

Experience SunWatch Indian Village during the harvest season. It’s the organizations only fundraiser throughout the year and all the proceed…


Boxing workout

It’s time to get the knock out body you’ve always wanted. Raquel from Boricua Fitness shows you her butt-kicking boxing workout.


Bourbon chicken

Chef Peachy Seiden from the Health Smart Cooking School: Bourbon Chicken with Mushrooms (serves 6)   4 small chicken breast, cubed          …