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Cooking pumpkin seeds

Many of you will be carving pumpkins soon. but, make sure you don’t throw out the seeds, because they make a really good and healthy snack. …


Stroke awareness

Learn the steps that could help save a life while promoting stroke awareness for “World Stroke Day”.


Starred by Tamika

Check out the new candle shop in downtown Dayton that lets customers be part of the creation process.


Southern corn pudding

Pizza Benny from Centerville Pizza and BBQ shows you his famous recipe!


Passport to Kindergarten

PNC Bank and The Dayton Metro Library are teaming up to help students succeed in the classroom.


Top 3 supplements for beautiful skin

We all want beautiful skin on the outside, but did you know it starts with what we put inside our bodies? Skin Care Specialist, Marta Rey sh…


Healthy eating for pregnant women

Learning that you’re pregnant can be a really exciting life-changing moment, but the weeks that follow leave some moms-to-be sick and with n…


Side effects of anti bacterial soap

You may be a self-proclaimed cleaning machine or someone who just likes to have clean hands to keep the germs away, but are you actually doi…