The Furnace Man’s Gold Plan

The Furnace Man talks to Katie about his gold plan to keep you cool all summer and warm this winter. SPONSORED BY THE FURNACE MAN.


Wellness Travel

Going on Vacation this summer, Micki from AAA is telling us all about how you can keep you bikini body while on vacation. SPONSORED BY AAA. …


Caesar Creek Lego Show

Come out to Caesar Creek this Saturday for a Lego show you and your family wont want to miss. SPONSORED BY CAESAR CREEK.  


Sizzling Summer Meals

Chef Amy from Kroger is in the Living Dayton kitchen showing Sallie how to keep summer meals light and fresh. SPONSORED BY KROGER.  


Dairy Dreem Team of the Week

Find out this week’s Dairy Dreem Team of the Week and what they have done to earn this title! SPONSORED BY DIXIE DAIRY DREEM.    


Brookville Community Picnic

Learn about a picnic with something for everyone in the family that’s clean enough for the kids.


Sugar in Drinks

  Nutritionist Kelli Pitrone has tips on how to stay hydrated this summer while also avoiding the sugar hiding in your favorite drinks.


Traumatic Brain Injuries

  Most people are unaware of the long-lasting consequences of a traumatic brain injury. Dr. Rob, America’s Fitness Doctor, joins Amber to ta…


Making Moving Fun for Kids

  The moving process is a struggle for the whole family… especially children. Katie has tips on how to make the process more enjoyable and f…


Acne Solutions

  Skincare specialist Marta Rey joins Amber to talk about solutions for stubborn acne.