zoo part 2

Wild Wednesday — Part 2

Angela Hatke and Maura Messerly from the Cincinnati Zoo are back in the studio with a few different — and slightly smaller — zoo babies.

furry skurry

Furry Skurry 5K Walk/Run

The 24th annual Furry Skurry 5K is fast approaching, and Brian Weltge joins Shaun with Jack and Russell to preview the event.

patriot festival

Patriot Freedom Festival

Katie learns about celebrating and saying thank you to our veterans at the Patriot Freedom Festival happening this Memorial Day weekend.


You Be The Judge

The final contestant, Montgomery County Judge Anthony Capizzi, is cooking summer pasta in the Living Dayton kitchen as part of Sallie’s You …


Memorial Day Trivia

Quizmaster Matt from Trivia With a Twist tests Katie and Shaun on Memorial Day trivia questions.

lie detector

Be A Human Lie Detector

Have you ever wondered how to tell if someone in your life is lying to you? Dr. Carol Morgan, a communications professor at Wright State Uni…

moms and finances

Moms and Finances

Katie discovers how moms can focus on themselves and their own finances when it comes to retirement. SPONSORED BY SPICER WEALTH MANAGEMENT.


Shish Wraps

Shish Wraps is in the Living Dayton kitchen cooking up food with Lebanese flare.