Branding yourself

How well do you know your brand names? Author, Jon Umstead puts to the test.


Aullwood Farms Farm Babies Fest

Get ready for cuteness overload. This weekend Aullwood Farms is holding its annual Farm Babies Fest Laurie and Emily have more on how you ca…


“Grease” playing at La Comedia

Dust off your leather jackets and put on your bobby socks. It’s the electrifying musical “Grease” is coming to the stage in the Miami Valley…

traveling with kids

Traveling with kids

Traveling with your child can be tricky. Local mom blogger, Jen Lubber talks about some easy ways to make getting to your summer destination…

shark cart

Newport Aquarium

The Wonders of the Sea on Wheels rolls into the studio. We get up close and personal with sharks. Ric Urban with Newport Aquarium explains.

newport aquarium snake

Newport Aquarium

The Newport Aquarium has a lot of animals above the surface of the sea. We’re talking about snakes!

josh turner

Josh Turner performing at Clark State

If you’re looking for a night of country music, how about seeing double platinum selling singer and song writer Josh Turner at the Clark Sta…

stamp out hunger

“Stamp Out Hunger”

The US Postal Service is looking to “stamp out” hunger. John and Lora have more on how you can help.

rue domaine

Rue Dumaine

Rue Dumaine is ready to take on a new format. They still got the same core, the same heart and the same key management, but the new Rue will…

camps rock

Camps Rock Inc.

Summer break is right around the corner for the kids, and you might be looking for something to keep them busy for a few weeks. Anne talks a…

pet of the week

Pet of the Week

Sabrina from SICSA introduces the pet of the week.

Hot Topics

Hot Topics with Greg Warren

Comedian, Greg Warren is performing this weekend at the Dayton Funnybone. He stops by to weigh in on this week’s Hot Topics.


Cake decorating class

Ele Cakes is holding a great event for Mother’s Day weekend. You can learn to decorate a cake.

first friday

May First Friday

There are lots of events happening for this month’s First Friday. Val from the Downtown Dayton Business Partnership explains.


Derby hats

Watch the Kentucky Derby in style! Amelia from Brim stops by with a few fashionable hats.


Make your ink jet printer last for years

Ink jet printers aren’t all that expensive, but if you take good care of them, they can last a while! Business Tech Guru, Gery Deer shows us…