Glass Celebration

On the 50th Anniversary of the studio glass movement, there is a glass exhibition perfect for the family and we have all the fun details.


SIMA is here to cook up some delicious Korean food for anyone to enjoy.

Makeup Monday: Brows

Makeup Monday is back, and today we are talking about ways to use makeup to shape out the perfect eyebrows.

New Set of Shows

Diane Schoeffler-Warren from the Victoria Theatre Association is here to tell us about shows coming up this summer and the film series you d…

Troy Streets Alive!

Looking for something fun to do? Well Troy is hosting “Troy Streets Alive” and we have the details of the festival here!

Summer Style

We have Get Dressed Boutique here to talk about the best items to have to complete your summer style.

Dance Party Friday

Arthur Murray is here to teach us how to dance and share details about their big event.

Paleo Pasta

Passion 4 Paleo Chef, Jeff Blumer, stops by to give us some tips on how to make pasta dishes.

Belle of Dayton

Belle of Dayton shares details about the opening of their new distillery.

DiBella’s Subs

DiBella’s Subs shares details on how you can get involved in raising money for a local charity.

Welcome Dayton

Welcome Dayton drops by to share details about the program and the national press it received.

Hot Topics

Comedian Bert Kreischer weighs in on this week’s Hot Topics

Summer Road Trips

Cindy Antrican, from, AAA, shares great tips to saving money when traveling by road.