YMCA Basketball Camp

YMCA Basketball Camp

Learn the details on this year’s basketball camp with the YMCA and the Shooting Coach for the Indiana Pacers.



Now is your chance to see “Spamalot” here in the Miami Valley. Watch for details on getting your tickets.

garden tour

Garden Tour

The Oregon District Garden Tour is a great way to spend your time.


Events at Riverscape

Learn about the different music you can enjoy in downtown Dayton.

dr rob

Dr. Rob Talks Stress

Dr. Rob is back in the house to talk about the effects of stress and tips to help you unwind.

MDQ interview

Million Dollar Quartet

The stars of the hit musical “Million Dollar Quartet” stop by Living Dayton to talk to Shaun about the show.

exotic animals

Lions, Tigers and Deer Oh My!

Jamie from the Valley Exotic Petting Zoo brought along some cute friends to help him talk about some new exhibits at the petting zoo.

heat up the  grill

Heat Up The Grill

Time to heat up the grill once again, and grill master Curt McAdams shows us how to make steaks tender and oh so good for the summer.


Wendy’s USO Mission

Wendy’s is using the power of the Frosty to support Wounded Warriors, and Wendy’s Franchisee George Silvis came by with a special guest to t…