christmas cookies

Moore Desserts Please

Brittany Moore of Moore Desserts Please, shows us her favorite holiday cookies.

get printing

Gift Yourself

Brent from Get Printing 3D shows Katie the art of 3D Digital Printing and how you can literally “gift yourself” this Christmas.


Mix 107.7 Events

Gina tells us about some of the holiday events happening with Mix 107.7.

soular flare

Po Bo Cornbread and Chicken

Chef Matthew Thomas shows us some recipes from his new restaurant, Soular Flare in Xenia.

josh on job

Hanging Pictures

Our handyman Josh on the Job shows us easy ways to hang pictures.  


Upside-down Christmas

Illustrator Beth Gully shows us how to design an ambigram with a new illustrated children’s book that let’s kids turn the story upside-down.

granny c's

Christmas Cookies

Sarah from Granny C’s Bakery shows us how to make candy cane kiss cookies.

get dressed

Holiday Fashion

Robin from Get Dressed Boutique shows us some ideas to help you get your shopping done.

Silver Linings Organizers

Get Organized

Tami from Silver Lining Organizers shows us how to keep kids busy during holiday road trips.

food for friends

Food for Friends

Holly Wiggins from DP&L and Jennifer Riley from the Dayton Foodbank stop by for an update on our 33rd Annual Food for Friends Campaign.