dr carol

Coping with Judgement

Dr. Carol Morgan from WSU shares her tips on coping with negativity from friends and/or family members.

el meson

El Meson Food Truck

Sallie goes inside El Meson’s newest “mobile kitchen” to try their meatball slider and sweet potato fries.

rubiqs cube

Rubik’s Cube Champion

Drew Brads from Xenia is a World Champion of the Rubik’s Pyramnix. Watch as he baffles our host with his speed.

cats and vets

Cats and Vets

Does your cat need a trip to see the Vet? Twin Maples Veterinary Hospital shows you the biggest health risks with your feline.

logan train

New Character!

Entertrainment Junction welcomes a new character to their Thomas the Train family.

grassroots bison

Grassroots Bison

Learn the benefits of consuming bison for your next meal and where to find it.

carry on packing

Carry-on Packing

Get the most in and out of your carry-on for your next trip with the help of Cincinnati Premium Outlets.

dr rob

Summer Slump

Are you feeling a little down with the lack of typical Summer weather here in the area? America’s Fitness Doctor, Dr. Rob, is in the house w…