Celebrating With Macaroons

A great way to celebrate weddings, graduations and many other events, why not order these specially made macaroons! Michelle’s Macarons is t…

National Green Bean Day!

Our relationship guru, Debra Smouse shares her talents in the kitchen showing us her green bean recipe in honor of National Green Bean Day!

Do You Know The Muffin Man?

The Blueberry Cafe sends Tony Darden, also known as the Muffin Man, to the Living Dayton Kitchen to show us the way of the muffin!

Popsicles From Scratch

Dayton’s CW Star, Katie Kenney, mother of two, has some creative ideas for the good ole’ Summer classic treat.

Spicin’ Up in the Kitchen

Jose Perez, from Los Reyes in Kettering,  comes by to show us some tips on how to enhance food.

Master Grilling Patio Style

Master Griller, Curt McAdams of Live Fire is not only a master griller but also a writer for Char-Broil, tune in to learn more about this ma…

Other Uses For That Muffin Pan

Katie Kenney, Dayton’s CW Star joins the Living Dayton kitchen to show how many fun ideas you can create with the standard muffin pan in you…

Stoplight Diet; What The Colors Mean

Nutritionist, Paula Reed from The Studio Fit is in the Living Dayton kitchen to show you how to use the stoplight diet and apply them to you…

Gluten-Free and Wholesome

Debbie from Wholly wholesome shows us the way to live a gluten-free lifestyle along with some special gluten-free recipes that are delicious…

Boosting Moods with Food Mood Girl

Author Lindsey Smith is here to share the secrets of her book, “Junk Foods & Junk Moods” and how to snack around your moods with a boost!

So Many Breads To Choose

Learn about all the variety of fresh breads you can choose from whether it’s a snack or a meal or whenever the need arises from Sarah of The…

Catering and Food At Findlay’s

Lee Sneed, Director of Findlay’s Street Cafe and Catering wins us over with her tasty dishes you’re going to enjoy devouring!

Getting Cheesy With Sallie

Sallie is on the patio today to show off another great side dish for those weekend parties or picnics join in and learn the way of the chees…

Cooking With The Mutts Sauce

CEO of Mutts Sauce, Charlynda Nyenke and Demo Chef, Lawrence Wesley are in the kitchen whipping up several treats with their infamous “Mutts…

Lighter Dinner Ideas For Summer

Local Blogger for Happy Wife, Healthy Life, Jana Antil, shows us how to prepare a lighter dinner with a yummy grilled vegetable salad with a…

Chicken Basil Pesto Pasta

Come watch Chef Ben of Piada Italian Street Food prepare an awesome Italian dish and learn about their many locations throughout the Miami V…

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